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Project Details


This is optional, all images can be exported to any size. If dimensions have not been stated then the final size of the graphics will be around 2K pixels and cropped close to the edges of the image.

Architectural options

Choose either basic or detailed and select zones as well, if needed.

Colour coding

The colour coding of a HVAC system can be varied. The building process takes into account what type of grouping will be used for a particular colour style. 


On average all projects are layered but your can save on cost if you require a single combined graphic only. If you're choosing layered, you will get a combined graphic anyway. A combined graphic that is rendered as a  wholes gives the scene little more realism.

Quadrants / Sections

Do you need the graphic divided into sections, click yes. Each section can be rendered seperately giving a more individual look to the final graphic instead of a cutout from the original.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this form out.

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