Pricing & Options

3D Floorplan Graphics

Prices will range from $180.00 to $450.00 per floor depending on what option you choose and the size of the floor area, complexity of architecture and HVAC systems. 

After the initial floor is created in a multi floor project however the following floors would reduce in price depending on how similar they are to the initial floor.

Basic architecture

Detailed Architecture

Zoned Architecture

Basic HVAC

Detailed HVAC

Colour combinations for unit types

Layered or combined graphics

  • Architectural.
  • Coloured zones.
  • A variety of mechanical layers.
  • Zoom in of sectioned areas if the floor is too large.
Please fill out the submission form with the details of what you require so as to help give a more accurate estimate.

Exterior 3D Renders

For the creation of 3D architectural graphics for any building or site development the prices will range from as little as $450.00 for a standalone building to as high as $2500.00 for a full scene with all the neccessary detail

i.e. surrounding buildings, cars, people, flora whatever the scene needs. Price will depend on what option you choose and the complexity of the building or scene.

Mechanical 3D Renders

For the creation of  3D graphics for any piece of equipment (exterior view only). Prices will range from $150.00 for a basic item to $1500.00 for a complex piece of equipment in it's environment.

Prices will vary depending on what option you choose and the complexity of the item. All 3D graphics in the examples were created from one or two photos, of course the more reference we have the better the accuracy of the subject.

GIF Animation Option

We can also create animated GIFs if you need to have a more dynamic approach to your display.

Professional 3D Animation

If it's a more dedicated 3D animation that you need to sell either a productor or a service , then please click the 3D animation workflow link.

This will give you some idea of the workflow used to create a professional 3D animation.

Naturalight 3D has the experience to produce fully animated videos.

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